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***How Self Made B*illionaires ALERTED us to How they are P*rofiting from the Fact that 95% of Americans Are Now Spending Munny on 3 to 10 Addictions, Habits, Social Spending Trends.

***AND How We Have Fundamentally Changed Our Flirt Tip Testing
To Mix, Combine and Layer EXTRA ENERGY ADDITIONS and HABITS.

***Plus a Link To A NEW Website We Are Building ONLY with The GOBSMACKING RESULTS of Changing Our Trance Questions & Flirt Tips to Waitresses to ADDICTIVE ONLY.
***DEAR VIP Inner Circle Member,
ADDICTION MARKETING has Come out of the closet.

All of the ILLEGAL STUFF is now becoming LEGALIZED and Taxed.

***I just saw a StarBucks ad which said, "Now with More Caffeine!"
(REMEMBER when Caffeine used to be a BAD THING?)

***And 3 Different Members of our B*illionaire Watching Club - have sent in Examples of how Self Made B*illionaires Have Changed Their Investing, S*ales and Marketing to TARGET Products and Services Where they CONTROL Customer Spending. (Specifically the following Three.)


"Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical harm.


"habit meaning: 1. something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.

DEFINITION OF "Peer Pressure" -

"Peer pressure (or social pressure) is the direct influence on people by peers, or the effect on an individual who gets encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitudes, values or behaviors to conform to those of the influencing group or individual.

Some MASSIVE USA Addictions Are:

Coffee - 80% of Americans drink 2 cups or more a day

Chocolate - 91% of women Eat Chocolate Regularly

Alcohol - 56 percent In USA reported that they drank in the past month.

Cigarrettes/Vaping - 15% Smoke Cigarettes - 5% Vape = 15% of USA

Casino Gambling - Lottery - "15 percent of Americans gamble at least once per week in a Casino. 50% Play State or local Lottery. = 65%

Food Addiction - Nearly 100% of Americans Eat at a Fast Food Chain or B*uy Processed Food in The Grocery Store.

FOOD SCIENTIST SAYS, "Processed foods activate the dopamine reward system." (The PLEASURE Chemical in the Brain DOPAMINE is ALSO Triggered by Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, MJ, Coffee, Alcohol, And Talking About Yourself on Facebook. And NLP.)
(EDITORS NOTE - I used to Think That The Fact that PROCESSED FOODS Give me Terrible Arthritis was a BAD Thing. I have changed my mind.)

Over-the-Counter-Drug Addition -

Heroin - 1.8% of Americans used Heroin in their lifetime

Cocaine - In 2017 9.6 million Americans admitted to using Cocaine

Methamphatamine - 5% of the adult population

Pharmacy and Over-The-Counter-Drugs - "93 percent of U.S. adults prefer to treat their minor ailments with OTC medicines.

Some HABITS That May turn into ADDICTIONS:


Beer At Lunch

Wine or Mixed Drink at lunch or dinner

Go to a Bar After Work with friends


B*uy Lotto tickets And Coffee And Red Bull And SUGARY Drinks and Snacks
whenever You Stop for Gas.


80% of Americans Drink Coffee to WAKE UP each Morning

Line Up at StarBucks - for Stronger Coffee

B*uy Coffee from Vending Machines at work


Food, drink, Clothing, Cosmetics, Exercise.

Paris Hilton - UGH - Has her own Line of clothing

ED Fashion line - Ellen Degeneris

Olson Twins

Kim Cardashion

Taylor Swift

Dozens more Celebs - Endorse Products for Nike and other Companies

TO SEE Peer Pressure at Work GO TO:

A Mall - all girls dressed the same

Any Fast Food Restaurant - Everybody dresses and eats the same thing.

Bus Stop for Public Transportion

Visit any School - The Kids All wear the same shirt, pants, shoes, Backpack, Hair,

VAPING and PUBLIC S*EX in High Schools in Maryland - I Belong to a Local Neighborhood Network. MOTHER issued a WARNING. She found her 15 yr old son with 800 Gigs of iPhone photos of Kids VAPING Behind the Teachers back. And Little Girls at 15 Different Middle Schools (That share a Computer Network) Snogging (girl to Girl) and Stripping to Underwear - to attract attn from Boys.)

What B*illionaires BU*Y, Invest in, S*ELL and Market -

Warren Buffet - Candy Company

Buffet and Branson - Both own Train Companies

Atomic Power Plants -

Car and Home Insurance - Geico -

CHAINS of Funeral Homes and Nursing Homes
are owned By B*illionaires

Rupert Murdock Discovered he Could CONTROL Newspapers in The UK. Fired all Union Workers. Build a STOCKADE around new Print Press. Used Page 3 Bikini Girls and GOSSIP to Explode S*Ales.

Howard Shultz Was Hired to Market StarBucks. But BOUGHT IT because he SAW how to use ADDICTION to Open 1000's of New Stores.

George Lucas - Steve Jobs - Combined Entertainment and Technology and

The NLP Power of The Force.

B*illionaires Niched To ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR are featured on the cover of every magazine I look at.



There are a whole bunch of Niches that Attract Self Made B*illionaires.

BUT LET's Narrow things down To Ideas We Can FLIRT TEST.

ACTION SUMMARY - How we are Combining NLP and Addictions and Habits
and Peer Pressure.

A - S*ALES - YOU KNOW Your Best Prospects are folks who ALREADY b*uy something Similar to what YOU S*Ell.

B - MARKETING - An Ideal Customer is a Biz Owner or manager who ALREADY has a Marketing Budget. So it is easy for them to Transfer some moolah to YOUR Project.

C - S*ales Practice with FLIRT TIPPING - Our Best Female (or Male) Prospect:

#1 - The SURVEYS say...

80% Coffee
91% Chocolate
65% Gambling

#2 - So I Started to FLIRT TIP By combining These items.


a - NLP QUESTION - "What do you ENJOY MOST About Drinking Coffee?

I - OPEN MY HAND - 3 Chocolate Kisses

b - "What do you ENJOY MOST About Drinking Coffee?

I - Hold Up LOTTO Ticket in her Face

c - "What do you ENJOY MOST About Drinking Coffee?

I - Hold Up Left Hand with 3 Dark Choco Kisses And TAP That Hand
Full of Chocolate - 3 Times with an Instant LOTTO ticket.


The 3 Kisses
the LOTTO ticket

The Kisses And LOTTO ticket

Are all NLP anchors.

And if Done all thru the REST of the Meal. One or Twice or 3 Times is all it Takes.

Girls Get EXCITED.

Women of all Ages GET EXCITED.

Unconscious EMOTIONS Get EXPOSED and Ladies Tell You All Sorts of FORBIDDEN SECRETS.


NEW WEBSITE CONTENT - With Help from Chris - My Webmaster - We are creating a TOTALLY NEW Website (Unlike the OLD Stuff at where We Will Archive.




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