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TESTIMONIAL #1 - How To Get In BIG Trouble Using "Enchanted NLP" to FLIRT with Stewardesses in Front of Your Wife!

Sure Glenn,

Use the stuff I sent you... Change names to protect innocent.

Heres one I have not told you about...

The family was on the airplane to go on vacation. We were headed to HILTON-HEAD, for R&R, too bad I am not a golfer.

We fly stand-by, and we are in available seats. Thats a nice way to say we are not sitting together, and we are all in a center seat in coach.

One of the female flight attendants catches my eye. She is cute, intense, working quickly to get the plane in the air. She comes by and asks me if I need anything before take off.

When she talks to me, she makes her head kinda dance back and forth when she talks, and it reminds me of a MacDonalds commercial. I return the move, and say when you have time, could I ask you a few questions?

BIG SMILE, from her, like "where did you come from!?" and she almost tripped over the seat leaning over to me. "My name is Stef"...

The airplane is 100% full, and the poor guy to my left, on the aisle, might has well have been dead. INSTANT RAPPORT, I am struggling to think of what to say next, she is leaning over talking to me, and luckily, the pilot says for everyone to sit down.

We take off, she is staring at me from one of the jump seats. I make eye contact, give her a few smirky smiles, and she blushes.

Now I have some issues, since my daughter and wife have picked up on the action. I smile, shrug, and we take off.

5 minutes into the flight Stef is back. I go right into your "Enchanted NLP trance lock questions, as if the 4th D head move wasn't enough. "I notice you are really good at your job, but tell me, what is it that really makes you happy?"

Groan from the guy to my left, she is almost sitting on him!

My wife is a few rows up on the right, turned around and watching me. The bells start going off above us, you know, the "help-me button" everyone is not supposed to push?

Seems no one on the airplane (least in my section) is getting any attention!

Now another flight attendant joins her... I smile at her and she rolls her eyes like I am a pure Dilbert!!!

That does it, so I roll my eyes back at her....OOOPS.. that seemed to make HER MAD!

She pulls Stef away to the front of the airplane, they seem to have an argument. 2 minutes later, Stef is back. She is showing me art work, and explains she hates this job, and she is training to become an artist.

Suddenly I notice a hand in my hair, she is rubbing my scalp! Next thing I know, here comes the MAD one, now I am starting to get worried!

Ok, what was fun is getting out of hand, what worse could happen? Of course, MY WIFE decides it is time to see why so many flight attendants are crowding around my seat!

I feel that sickly stomach butterfly feeling, like I better do something, quick... I jump up and whisper to my wife I HAVE to go to the bathroom...


EDITOR'S NOTE: Long story - short - Alex kept his head in a book the REST of the trip. Didn't look at ANY stewardesses. Threw away the note with her phone # on it - the BLUSHING stewardess handed him when he got OFF the plane.

Oh yeah - Do NOT mirror ANGRY body language. Especially using "4th Dimensional NLP mirroring". It makes the person 10 TIMES as MAD - or 10 TIMES as happy - as it did to STEF.



Testimonial - How Craig Added 4 Million Dollars In Sales With Enchanted NLP


I am still traveling but am coming home tonight.

Am off Tuesday and Wednesday and will send you a complete-detail testimonial of how your audio course has helped lift my 4 man sales team to number 2!!!!

Yes we are now number 2 out of 687 sales teams Nation-wide. (4 million extra dollars in sales and growing - Craig was #36 when he ordered our "Enchanted NLP... System")

Also I will be ordering all of your courses on __________.com you mentioned you have some stuff not listed how can I get a hold of those?

I am now on the fourth NLP Marketing audio course "Jump Higher" stuff is amazing as I have said repeatedly.

Feel free to use any comments that I send to you any way you choose in your marketing efforts.

  • Warmly
  • Craig
  • P.S. - EDITOR's Note. Craig is now #1 most months. Slugging it out with "former" #1 team. Oh yeah - wanna' know Craig's REWARD for making his company RICH? A Huge increase in his sales quota!)

    P.P.S. - EDITOR - Don't despair. Your "Do You Qualify to Buy TEST is coming up.



    Russel calls me up with this Nifty Testimonial:

    A - Russel has a non-sales office job.

    I - Last year 27 kids including his son raised $6000 for the School Band. They went door to door. ONE day onely. ASKED for cash.

    II - This year Russel created a brochure - home owners can hold and read. AND he gave 22 kids and his son a sales pitch. Adapting words from the 4 questions in "Enchanted NLP from The Big Red Nose Club."

    III - THIS year 22 kids raised $11,000.

    Let's look CLOSER:

    ***27 kids raised $6000 or ($222 each)

    ***22 kids raised $11,000 or ($500 each.) (More than Twice as much!)

    The kids only DO this for ONE DAY.

    I didn't know about this until afterward.

    Not bad for a bunch of kids with ZERO sales skills or training. And who didn't even KNOW they were using very powerful NLP.



    Mike from the UK Avoids Foreclosure - PROOF "Enchanted NLP will Work For You. Even if you have ZERO sales Experience.

    Hi Glenn,

    1) Thanks for your reply, I certainly appreciate the suggestions

    2) I missed the e-mail as it arrived around 11:40 pm, uk.

    3) I called a few times, but it seems the timing has not been good

    For info, when I first bid, I had been self employed around 2 1/2 years, having been a corporate "manager" for most of my career. I had no idea what really made things happen around a small business. How important customers were, or how to get them.

    Finding not much happening, I went on courses, took part time jobs, and lived first on business loans, and then credit cards, and then over the six months prior to December 2002 the mortgage payments began to slip.

    I understood the principle that for a business to work you need to find a formula, and then work it. The problem is if nothing is working, you begin to wonder if it is the product, you, the market, and doubt creeps in.

    What "ENchanted NLP" gave me was a formula which worked, and worked just about instantly. I don't know what it is about the approach, but it really delivers.

    Backed up by the one-on-one phone coaching session (you gave me) tailoring the approach to my requirements my close ratio just sky rocketed ~ has never come down. I now have more than enough going on, and either need to get more efficient, find products which are easier to deliver, or charge more ~ to slow down demand! All the right kind of problems.

    Cutting a long story short, things turned around from that point. Looking back, there is no doubt without the breakthrough we got from "Enchanted NLP" we would have lost our home through foreclosure.

    My family, the bank and I are all grateful! Many thanks.

    Please feel free to use this to promote your products and services.




    Editor's Note - You too - are encouraged to Email and get an appt. w/us. So we can customize the "Enchanted NLP System" for quick results. We've just sent Mike 4 different PRE-tested million $ strategies to choose from. All Proven ways to Raise his prices. So he can pile up Extra Cash faster.


    TAKE THIS Pop-Quiz to Find Out How BORING (& unprofitable) Your Current Conversations with People are!

    Test Question: "What do you WANT more of in your life?"

    Go ahead. Try it. ASK. You get silly, boring, surface-Junk Replies.

    Instead - WE ask 4 simple questions from "Enchanted NLP..." and our answers are SO intimate we call it NLP MIND MAPPING!

    Case Study Examples... WHY THIS H-O-T-B-U-T-T-O-N Method Doubles SO Many Incomes:

  • Dave-"I get paid 1 million a yr to work as a shadow CEO. I shift the nature of power inside a company. The CEO gets the credit.
  • Melissa - "I love the feeling of Giving-Back speaking to groups gives me."
  • Mike - Cash-only Dentist who makes $45,000 a day. "I live every day like it's my last."
  • Polly - "My husband doesn't like me to travel. I'm looking for ways to replace that income."
  • Peter - "Humanity is struggling to reach a new paradigm. My dream is to create a new way of working together!"
  • Nancy - "I used to work in sales. People WATCHING me. Now I LOVE being FR*EE to sell Las Vegas Vacation packages and luxury resort travel programs!" (Voice changes and gets tearful.)
  • Ben-"Pointing people to God puts a song in my heart!
  • Howard - "It's like a SHOT of Adrenaline, solving sales problems others can't!"
  • Linda - "I want more love and trust."
  • Rob - "I want a job with CLARITY. I want to see the whole picture. Not parts.
  • Perry - "The man I'm with MUST celebrate women's $ making talents!"
  • Bill - Top 1% highly paid Insurance Agent - "I only sell UNIQUE things. Being creative, taking care of people, getting paid for doing it."
  • EDITOR'S NOTE - We have 100's more. Our buyers do this too. YOU too can PUT Some Excitement Into Your Life with a few Silly-seeming questions. You CAN Dominate, Control and Manipulate others. They won't know what you're doing. BUT - women will LIKE you more. (Ladies - Men will find you irresistible!)


    Enchanted NLP from The Big Red Nose Club V1

    Dear Friend,

    You can see in Craig's testimonial - attached to the TOP of this letter, that by following simple directions - he and his team hit #2 - then #1 Income Spot in their national company. Knowing the POWER words to use is better than Hooked on Phonics. You too can make a mint.

    You'll learn some of the same skills - Craig uses - Right here in this letter. (Forget the jewelry and flowers. Add a scoop of God-Like NLP (God-Like cuz that's how YOU feel) on top of whatever ice cream and cookie snack your having. ENJOY some sweet chocolate. Romance Novel dessert.


    Thank you for agreeing to Follow Directions.


    Get a Pen and Paper ready. You'll be ASKED to Take a Test in order to Qualify to buy.

    Note To Wimpy People Who Don't Take The Test

    Yeah, yeah, wimpy people who don't take the test can still buy. Our 365 day NO-RISK money back guarantee still applies. BUT - be warned: Those who DO Take The Test WILL outbid the rest. Because your First TASTE of Power and Control over people is exhilarating and addictive.

  • You'll want more.
  • That's for sure.
  • So do NOT visit our "ME" page
  • What Do "Enchanted NLP" and "Big Red Nose Club" Mean To You?

    Definition: "Enchanted NLP" - Simplified, Powerful, invisible, chatty, concentrated Ericksonian Hypnosis. 4 casual sounding Trance Lock questions that make millions for clients and buyers.

    Definition: "Big Red Nose Club" - Brilliant men and women who have passed our TEST of Courage. And it does take Guts to: (A) put on a Big Red Nose In a Restaurant (B) Convince the waitress to wear one too (C) Make faces at pretty girls at stop lights wearing The Big Red Nose (D) Give a speech in class & Put on THE NOSE in the middle. Imagine the chaos, yelling, screams! (You have our Big Red Nose Club to Thank for helping to test lots of the Hi-Profit strategies in this letter and on the audio program.)

    How A Big Red Nose Club Member Lassoed A Girl For Face Snoggling

    Well, Glenn,

    I have been to a few interesting places in my life but I have NEVER been to such a babe concentrated party as this launch party was. (Loui Vuitton Duffle Bag city) Apparently they had paid a few dozen models and aspiring actresses and things to float about and make the party look glamorous for the press. Right, PERFECT opportunity to try out my new hypnotic NLP skills. I spent the whole night pacing the way people stood, their actions, everything really. For 8 hours I practised and practised with varying results. Most people didn't stay put long enough for me to get a really great effect......but SOME did!

    One girl was kind of lazily dancing at the side of the dance floor while talking to her pals. So I just danced the same as her, and slowly put in all her hand gestures and stuff until I felt like a freak! I felt as though I looked exactly the same as her.

    After about 2 minutes of this she looked over and smiled. I didn't want to let it get out of control like you warned about on the tapes so I needed to do something. This girl looked like something else though and she was truly a super hottie so I froze with terror.....heheheh.

    She was staring at me though so I said to myself, just do SOMETHING, ANYTHING for Christ's sake. To my complete and utter astonishment, I found myself twirling my arms in the air as if I was swinging a lasoo above my head! I "threw' the lasoo, and I SWEAR she was following it's progress in the air!!!!!

    It landed perfectly around her, of COURSE! and I started pulling on it.

    She CAME!!!!

    She actually walked over to me! I can't believe it. I really can't. She never spoke, I just put my arms around her and started dancing and literally within a minute she was snogging the face off me!!!!! This is amazing, you should of seen it.


    EDITOR'S NOTE - Your "Do I Qualify To Buy Test" - coming up soon - allows you to experience and FEEL what happens BEFORE you ASK questions or Lasso girls. The Icebreaking and Trust Building stuff is VERY easy. But you GOTTA' Do It to learn it. AND the reason this bloke from the UK is SO successful AFTER meeting girls? He ASKS them our 4 Enchanted NLP Trance LOCK questions.


    You will get a hoot from hearing how OTHER buyers like you used the "Enchanted NLP" Trance Lock Questions. Since they are SO POWERFUL, you can do most anything. Even stuff you NEVER thought you could or would!

    Fired Manager Turned Consultant Makes 1st Sale Using "Enchanted NLP"

    God-Like NLP Vibrations E-zine #99

    Dear friend,

    Thanks for ASKING to see some of our Free E-zines.

    Michael from the UK was a successful manager. Forced out. He suddenly has to make some extra money on his own.

    Sale #1 - was getting an appointment.

    Sale #2 - is getting the CEO of a 74 million dollar company to ASK for a written summary of what they discussed. A Proposal.

    Sale #3, #4, #5 etc - is getting the CEO to say YES to parts of the "Action Summary" or proposal during the writing of it.

    You/we do that by writing the ENTIRE Proposal in the "Brain Words" of the CEO.



    Hi Glenn,

    I thought you might like to know how it went.

    I used all the stuff on the "Enchanted NLP" tape, plus some of the wrinkles we discussed. I did not do it very well, the main problem being that my contact is responsible for this program at two levels, and I was not sure which part should be probed with the IMPORTANT, and FULFILLING questions, and in the end these did not happen completely.

    However on the first part, which it turned out was to him LESS SIGNIFICANT we came up with;

    He wants to have responsibility for a team again He wants to make a new approach work And he wants to achieve successful uptake

    What was important about responsibility for a team was a sense of BELONGING

    At that point I bottled, fearing I was getting pretty close to some NERVES, and didn't want to overdo it.

    I guess I will need to get comfortable with this level of connection.

    Moving on from this he went out of his way to describe the work he had done so far, timing, and responsibilities, and to try to see where my offer might fit. This was agreed, and HE ASKED ME TO PREPARE A PROPOSAL AND COSTINGS, and offered to put information about my other [new] offers (Marketing and Sales Training) into the catalogue of reseller support tools.

    He has the local budget for this, and his boss may well get involved, but as he has an international brief he did not really expect scrutiny.

    So even going off half-cocked I made the second sale. (5 Figures)

    Very interesting. Naturally you may use this in any marketing material.

  • Best
  • Michael
  • ============================================================

    New To NLP - His 1st Test Earns Him Free Salon Haircut

    Dear Glenn,

    Received the God-Like NLP audio programs I bought from you on Tuesday, PLUS the extra one you gave me as a reward for my testimonials. Many thanks for them and I have listened to "Bartenders Guide on How to Make People Act STUPID" and am half way through "How 4th D NLP Makes Women/Men Act WEIRD". Also sneaked a peek at the "BARTENDERS GUIDE on How to Make Women/Men JUMP", early, against your advice. Sorry, but I am not great at following authority!

    I can't WAIT till you read this because I listened to "STUPID" in my car on Thursday and used them that day to truly PHENOMENAL results. Just got home after using my Southwest Airline Rapid Rewards round trip coupons. My results - As follows;

    I needed a haircut. I went to my normal salon and the owner, Tommy took me himself. Well, he asked me the usual stuff, how I was doing, where I went on holiday, etc., etc. Then he asked me what I had been doing last since he hadn't seen me in a while. I thought this was a great opportunity to try out some of the things I had learned from your audio course. Now bear in mind that I learned such a lot from your ebay auctions and the free site that I already very confident using NLP and have had some really amazing results.

    So I was just up-front with him and told him I was learning NLP. Well, he didn't know anything about it but was very interested. I went through the "Enchanted NLP..." 4 trance induction questions with him and remembered his 4th D NLP signals and his siganls - he had quite a comical way of sticking his toungue way out of his mouth and to the left when he was thinking!

    I would NEVER have noticed this before. Anyway, he said he really wanted to learn this stuff and I said I MIGHT let him into a few secrets sometime. Well, the upshot of this is I got up and took out my wallet to pay the man and he said. "No, no it's on me".

    A FREE HAIRCUT........IN A SALON!!!!! I wonder how many of your members can boast to having got THAT!!! I would sure like to find out.


    How You Can Hypnotize Women On The Dance Floor - This Testimonial Contains All You Need to DO IT!

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try out this stuff. I tried it on Friday night at the monthly Salsa club in Glasgow and had some, frankly amazing results.

    Bit scary really. (Editor's Note - Be Careful. ASK about How To get Our Unhypnotize people audio program.)

    There was this girl. A sub-elite I would call her. Brilliant dancer and good looking but not really my type. Anyway, I may have cheated a bit 'cause she was checking me out earlier in the night but anyway, here is the story.

    This other girl kinda latched onto me for a while and danced for a couple of dances straight. Her name was

    Marissa and she said she wanted to introduce me to her friends.

    However, one of her pals was this girl who had been checking me out when she had been dancing. Her name was Gill. Now, when I say she was a brilliant dancer, I mean she was pretty near professional standard. She had been dancing with all the Latin American dudes and was VERY impressive.

    Anyway, she asked me to dance and so I did. I made a right royal fool of myself but she was pretty nice and gave me some tips. She turned her back, pretty disappointed I think, was just about to leave when I said :

    'What is it you .....REALLY.....LOVE....... about Salsa?'

    I couldn't believe it, she stopped DEAD in her tracks as she was leaving , turned back, blinked twice and kinda jerked her mouth up into a confused kind of half smile.

    I of course threw this right back at her (4th D NLP) and she launched into the most sensory rich speech about Salsa dancing you could imagine. Trance words galore. I didn't need to do anything else........

    But I DID!

    I said, 'that's AMAZING that you could feel so passionately about dancing and actually, I can see that you do from your moves, do you mind if I write down what you just said?'

    She obviously couldn't believe what I was saying. I could actually HEAR her thinking to herself 'this guy can't be for real, he seems INTERESTED in what I've got to say!'

    heh heh

    So, I got her to talk about her other interests and she was actually really interesting and VERY descriptive.

    I said 'What is it you......TRULY........like best about dancing?'

    She said something along the lines of 'I love the feeling of CLOSENESS you get when you are dancing in a blah blah blah DYNAMITE, blah blah blah FOREVER blah blah blah FREEDOM.'

    Wow - this was great.

    I forgot the second question but I said 'Where's the FUN and EXCITEMENT in Salsa dancing for you?'

    She just stared at me wide eyed and didn't say anything but 'Are you going to buy me a drink or what?'

    I just stared back at her and said ' Do you think I'm some kind of desperate bloke or something, you buy ME a drink'


    And she didn't leave me alone for the rest of the night.......TWO BLOODY hours and I couldn't get rid of her! She knocked back dance after dance from those Latin Lotharios, where she had been dancing CONSTANTLY before.

    In the end I had to buy her two drinks, which goes against the grain but eventually, one of her mates was leaving and she turned to me and said, ' can I just have one dance with my friend before she leaves?'

    I said 'yeah' and slipped out while she was away.

    I showed no interest other than the questions and the "Enchanted NLP" trance stuff.

    So I didn't get to complete the homework... but I think you'll agree it was a roaring success only half done........I think!

    Of course you can use this in any way you see fit!


    PS. I think I'm going to run for Prime Minister, or start up my antique piano band again.


    How A $119 Sale Turns into a $8500 Sale Using 4 Enchanted NLP Hot Button Questions


    Lawrence here... Okay I bought your "Enchanted NLP System.

    Amazing... I made a $1300 sale right after listening to them. As you know I have a two hour drive to work... Great time to pour over your stuff...

    A guy came into our location to purchase a Motorola cell phone system and using your rapport skills I got him into trance lock and found his hot buttons...

    Well, the guy bought $1300 worth of stuff and he originally came in for $119 Phone. True story here is how it played out...

    Realize that the $1300 sale was for things the guy needed and I found this out by asking what was important about that so on and so on...

    They wanted the stuff but he was on the fence... So I asked him the magical trial close you taught me in your "200 Million Dollar Pig Farmer" tapes...

    BINGO Sale is closed

    Guess what? On the way out the guy notices a Compaq Laptop DVD computer system that we sell...$2400 with all the gizmos... He gave me the number of his purchasing agent, told me to use his name and that he needs 3 of these things

    That's $7200 more in sales and with a nice profit built in ... on top of the $1300 he spent.

    And remember the guy originally came in for a $119 Samsung cell phone system

    I wonder if this stuff works???

    Heh Heh

    Thank you.

  • Warmly
  • Lawrence
  • PS. Use this as you see fit


    How "Doc" Got Slapped Up-Side The Head By An Enchanted NLP SURPRISE Answer

    Here's a story, happened to me last week:

    Last Friday I went to the "semi-mandatory" after-work "happy hour" where everybody is supposed to socialize. I don't care for these, but attend anyway. A couple hours before, one of the ladies--a very attractive lady, a bit younger then myself (different ethnicity) came up to me, asked me if I could drive her there, as she didn't have a car.

    Sure, I said. Do you need a ride home, afterwords? "If you don't mind." No problem.

    Went to the "happy hour" socialized, then finally said I needed to get going, asked if she was ready--I figured she'd probably find someone else to give her a ride home. But no, she was ready and had got her Vera Bradley red Bandana bag.

    On the drive to her gated community, we were talking. She was chattering about her philosophy of trying to always be happy.

    Aha! I said to myself. Here's a place to use one of Glenn's techniques (you will recall, the tapes I've gotten from you have not specifically had anything to do with picking up women--but with more-or-less straight sales and marketing). I tried to recall one of the things I'd seen as a hint on your auctions.

    "Oh," I said. "You always seem happy...but what is the one thing that makes you happiest?" (There, I thought. Glenn would be proud.)

    She paused, thought for a moment, leaned closer to me in my car and said..."Org asms. Org asms are what make me happiest."

    *choke, gulp*

    Now I suppose I could make up a story of a night of unbridled passion. But I didn't. I don't need to add to the problems my marriage already has. I dropped her off at her apartment, watched her walk, hips swaying, into the building. And thought "very happy" thoughts.

    Monday, however, she came up to me. "Doc" she said. "I kept thinking about you this weekend. And thought 'What a shame he's married.'"

    "That's funny," I said. "I spent the weekend thinking the same thing!" She laughed, put her hand on my arm, then turned and went back to her desk.

    Maybe I should just stick to my chocolate kiss seminar program technique.

    Less dangerous.


    EDITOR'S NOTE: Please PAY ATTN: to the fact that DOC forgot the exact words in the "Enchanted NLP... program. Didn't matter. Close enough is STILL powerful.. Doc has paid attention to all the FREE TRUST building strategies we give away in our FREE E-zine and sites. .

    Andale muchachos - forward...


    WEIRD But True Things We Do To Help People w/"Enchanted NLP"

    Women Come to us. Refer their friends. Women - not usually men - refer other women and men. We do FREE "Relationship Mind Maps." Teach them how to create Boyfriend Mind Maps. Compare the two. Screen out the bad apples. You don't have intimate info about your partner reserve carved on his or her forehead. You have to know how to ASK for the emotion data. It's like being spanish in a French country. Our "4 Question Enchanted NLP System" acts as a translator btwn the sexes.

    Case Study LONG Mind Maps below:


    Beth's - Relationship Map

    Q - What's important to you about a relationship?

    A- "Trust and communication."

    Q - How do you know when you have trust or communication?

    A - Trust - I just know it intuitively. Communication means saying what you feel without being judged.

    Q - What else is important to you about a relationship?

    A - "An equal partnership."

    Q - How would you know or recognize an equal partnership type person?

    A - They will support themselves. They will have good relationships in their lives. They don't need someone to take care of them.

    Q - What else is important to you about a relationship?

    A - "Athletic ability, good physical shape, tall." They have to be able to keep up with me when I'm wind-surfing, kayaking, sailing, roller-blading. I love to dance. Tango, tap dance, salsa and swing.

    Q - How would you identify that physical in-shape body type?

    Tall means 5 ' 10" or taller. But not a muscle-weight lifter like Arnold Swartzenegger. No smoking, no pot, no alcohol, no drugs of any kind. I want them to be here in the NOW.

    A - I'm also looking for someone who is following a Spiritual Path - looking for some deeper meaning to life. Something bigger than mere money. Oh, an animal lover. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats who roam the woods and beach with me.

    Q - So if you had to rank these four things you've said are important to you in any relationship what comes first? What do you absolutely have to have most?

    A - (1) "Equal partners" (2) trust-communication (3) spiritual (4) athletic


    Allen's Relationship Mind Map

    Q - What's important to you about a relationship?

    A - I want to "feel appreciated."

    Q - How do you know when you're appreciated by a woman?

    A - She should be interested & excited when I tell her about a business or marketing success. It's exciting to me and I'd like to share that.

    Q - Ok, what else is important to you about a relationship?

    A - "Support."

    Q - How do you know when you're getting support?

    A - I guess I'd like her to support my efforts. It's important that we have the same goals. My goals are her goals and hers are mine.

    Q - What else is important to you in a relationship?

    A - She should allow me "time to myself to do what I enjoy."

    Q - What do you enjoy?

    A - I do karate. I just earned my second degree black belt. I'd like more time to do karate. And time to take the kids to the movies.

    Q - If you had to rank them what would come 1st?

    A - They're in the proper order right now.

    Q - Why not ask your wife these same questions? Get at least three things she thinks are important. Ask how she knows when she has each one. Then ask her to rank them in order of importance. Then swap lists. It could be a gift.

    A - Thanks. This is interesting. Nobody has asked me these questions before.


    WEIRD Thing TWO we do with "Enchanted NLP" - "Present & Future Tattoo Mind Maps"

    You lie awake nights wondering, worrying about your tattoo. "Why did I do it? How come I want to get another one?"

    You SMILE. You Laugh. (Or maybe you KNOW the feeling.)

    Ha. Did you know lots of people do NOT know why they got their tattoo? Not really. They'll give you a half-ass answer. But they don't really truly know.

    Interviews with Tattoo artists reveal that 90% of those who get ONE Tattoo get more. Often a LOT more.

    So we help men and women figure out why they're so passionate about their tattoo's. Tattoo-ing is growing very, very fast in the USA. Tattoo lovers really truly want to Map Out their Emotional Reasons for the tattoo's they already have. And they are thinking HARD about what to Tattoo on their bodies NEXT...

    You Will NEVER Look at Tattoo Seduction The Same Again When You READ THIS!

    Barbara's Tattoo Mind Map

    Barb - Tattoo's symbolize something happening now so later I can remember it.

    Glenn - Where will you put your Tattoo?

    Barb - On my back - so I can't see it.

    G - What will it be?

    B - Lilly of the Valley - Fairy of the seasons - May Flower Fairs

    G - Why a Fairy Tattoo?

    B - Cuz it reminds me of when I was a litle girl. I always had a fairy picture in my room.

    G - How little were you?

    B - 9 or 10. I want it on my back so I don't see it everyday. If on arm or hand it would get boring.

    B - (Turns and looks over her shoulder at her back - future tattoo. Speaks in voice of little girl...) "Oh-Hello-I forgot you-Welcome-Hi..."

    B - My Fairy Tattoo represents all the joyful things I remember from childhood. I don't want it anytime soon.... (hesitates - "In a year.")

    B - My Fairy tattoo represents "BEING HAPPY." I haven't been really happy since my 5th Birthday. My Mom fixed my FAVORITE Breakfast for my 5th Birthday. Scrambled eggs, toast, one slice of bacon, one piece of sausage. Half one side of the toast with butter. Half side of toast with Strawberry Jelly.

    B - All my friends get ONE Tattoo. Then go back and get 3 or 4 more. But I like piercings cuz you can take them out. It's like a female macho rite of passage at my school. You start with small PAIN. Earrings. Then step up to bigger PAIN - Tattoo on arm, shoulder, back or butt. Then the WORST PAIN - the ankle or hand - the Foot hurts most.

    THE END - A customer interrupted. Barbara is a clerk at a retail store. She told me all this with people whizzing past. You get TRUST-Trance-Rapport - then ask 4 Trance Lock questions and MAGIC happens. Anytime, anywhere. But it IS easiest when you have some time alone.


    Your "Do I Qualify To Buy TEST"

    Step I - At ANY restaurant - Come prepared with 5 or $10 in one dollar bills.

    Step II - You'll find this and 4 more TRUST Building TESTS on our "ME" page. Without TRUST - nothing else we teach you will work. All you have to do is TRY one TEST exercise.

    Step III - YOU lead the waitress. Or waiter or clerk. You smile, twinkle in the eyes, laugh in your heart - FEEL GREAT when you hand her a dollar bill. You say, "This is for you. Thanks for the great service."

    Step IV - You don't wait until the end of the meal. She brings your water - you hand her a $1. He brings your menu - You hand him a $1. Refills - $1. Extra plates, napkins. Extra $1.

    Step V - You do it without any pizzazz - you'll get good service. You do the $1 Bill Tipping Technique with FUN, Flair and LAUGHTER added in and all kinds of REWARDS are yours. Send your Testimonial to me. And even MORE Rewards will come your way.

    One & a TWO Last Testimonials - YOUR REWARDS ARE Many whether you BUY or NOT. Just take the $1 Bill TEST. TWO of dozens of our $1 Bill Tipping Testimonials... Then you find out LOTS about the ONE-Of-A-Kind special INFORMATION -- You'll find on the "Enchanted NLP from The Big Red Nose Club" tapes.


    GRIN During Your TEST and YOU May Get a Surprise TOO

    Greetings Glenn,

    Last night was the girlfreinds birthday (50). We went to Red Lobster in Kalamazoo for dinner to celebrate the event. I am one who drinks a lot of water with my meal. Normally 4 to 5 glasses. We got our table and the waitress ask for drink orders.

    I always order 2 glasses of water to start. When she brought the drinks I gave her a dollar. She smiled and took it.

    She brought us those hot rolls that Red Lobster is famous for and I gave her another dollar. She smiled and took the dollar. The rolls were wolfed down in a hurry. Our waitress went by and noticed the empty roll basket.

    She delivered the other peoples food and brought us more rolls. Again, another dollar and a big grin. Between numerous glasses water and lots of rolls I gave her 8 dollars. Every time a smile and a chuckle.

    The time came for desert. She gave us the rundown of every desert on the entire menu. When she brought our deserts, I received a double portion of Plunge Cake and 2 scoops of ice cream. And a huge smile. Again, I gave her a dollar.

    My girfriend and the other couple were in the restroom when our waitress brought the bill.

    No charge on the bill for our deserts and she slipped me a small piece of paper with her name and telephone number. Hell, I am old enough to be her father. But then again, .......... variety is the spice of life.

    I love this stuff ! Thanks much!


    Glenn (you spell your name with one to many N's)

    Glenn- you can use this in any of your marketing.

    This fellow didn't realize HE Led HER To ASK Him Out

    Hello once again Glenn;

    You asked for a short story about my nlp experiences and here is a short story of how a waitress asked me out!

    One day shortly after I started the JUMP set that I received from you I figured that I would give it a try. It sounded so silly what could I lose. I first used it at a restaurant in Georgia where I was visiting family. Its was not like I would be back any time soon so along I went. I met the waitress, her name was Tara. She was so cute.

    I asked her "How long have you been working here?" She told me for two years but was not too happy. I thought to myself I was lucky except that it was bad luck! I was about to give up then I decided to ask her a question from your "How To Make People JUMP" program. "well who was your absolute favorite customer?"

    Her eyes lit up the entire resturant and I thought here was my chance, so I nudged the spoon off the table and CRASH it got everyones attention, but it was cold and I sneezed at the same time the spoon hit the floor.

    Oh no what do I do now I thought.

    I was thinking that I messed everything up so I might as well just get my family great service while we were there. I asked her for more napkins and when she came back I gave her a gold coin dollar. "What is this for?" she asked and I told her it was for being a great waitress.

    I did it a couple of times for refills and little things and gave her a couple more dollars. Everyone was getting super service (for only $3) and thought I was some big shot, and I guess that Tara told the other waitresses what I was doing and soon servers were coming over to the table just to say hello.

    I thought it was weird but then something better happened. My niece dropped her fork and out of nowhere Tara came over to me to see if I needed anything else, my jaw dropped because it worked just like in your tape!

    With every server coming to the table to say hi, it got the attention of the manager and she came over. I just explained how Tara was a great employee and how everyone was so friendly.

    I ended up with free deserts for all of us (me especially) I guess for being good customers. (But I only spent about $4 so far!)

    Long story short we all had a super time but that was not the best part.

    As we were leaving I had to use the restroom and when I came out Tara was waiting for me and she said "I hope this is not too forward of me but would you like to maybe hang out later tonight?"

    Of course I JUMPED for the opportunity because I am not a "ladies man" I am 6'5 lanky, heavyset guy with two left feet, you get the picture. It turned out that her favorite customer was an older gentleman who was very tall and told her stories of how he hit his head everytime he came into a room. It made her laugh, and she said that it felt like she knew me forever even though we never met. We went out and it was cool and everytime I sneezed she got closer to me... Funny how I thought none of the nlp worked, it actually all worked.

    We dated for the two months I stayed there and I occasionally speak on the phone.

    Wow something I thought as of just WORDS turned out to be real mind magick! Thank you Glenn for sharing your knowledge with us all.

    Feel free to edit it to fit, if you choose to use any of it and of course you have permission to print this letter.

  • Thanks a lot
  • Greg
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  • RICHARD - What I like most in the world is:
  • #ONE - Getting paid
  • #TWO - The adrenaline rush I get when...
  • #THREE - "Connected" feeling with my team
  • #FOUR - My BIGGEST PAIN is "Performance Creep"
  • (He explained what it is.)

    ==================== 299299

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  • ======================================================

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