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13.89 Feng Shui Test For My Top 10 Best Selling Invisible Persuasion WEIRD-NLP Systems

Dear Friend,

Years ago I Got Referred To a Chinese Woman who claimed to be a Princess.

She claimed that her Great, Great, Great, Great - Grandfather - going back thousands of years had used the Mathematical aspects of Feng Shui to Make Himself EMPEROR of all of China.

Then he killed all the Feng Shui Experts. Hired people to Rewrite or EDIT Feng Shui - so nobody could Unseat HIM the way he had Done the Previous Emperor.

I didn't say anything. But this lady could Sense I might be Feeling some Doubt. And BECAUSE she wanted me to sign her Petition to Grant her USA Citizenship - She Gave Me Some Powerful Feng Shui #'s to Test.

At The Time I Was Using NLP to Create Competition Between my bidders on Ebay to Run the Prices on my AudioTape Programs Up. Week after week until the Losing Bidders Couldn't Stand it anymore. And BOUGHT Things DIRECT from me.

My Early Days on Ebay

Some of my Original Buyers on Ebay - When reading this will now Say, "SO THAT'S Why I Couldn't Win an Auction for weeks on end. Glenn - You RASCAL."





Back in Those Early Ebay TESTING DAYS I was Starting Every One of my Auctions at 1.00.

I Was Given 3 POWERFUL Feng Shui #'s to Test.

And Son of a Sea Biscuit - Her "WATER-ATTRACTS-MUNNY" Feng Shui #'s - outperformed all my other prices.

So I signed her Petition.

And You WILL NOTICE I no longer use the SAME Numbering Scheme that almost everyone else Uses.


Today I was Re-reading (In My Opinion) The Best Book Jay Abraham ever Wrote...


And Jay said, "...It's a Good idea to Break Out KEY ELEMENTS from your Best Selling Products. And Sell Them as Short Reports. This Accomplishes TWO THINGS. Thing #1 - People Who cannot AFFORD your Most Expensive Programs Benefit. Thing #2 - People Who Have Not Bought Your Best Info Products MAY Buy The Rest of the System - after Testing a KEY IDEA."

This seemed Like a Good idea.

So I started Typing.

#1 - KEY CONCEPT From "Bartenders Guide #1" - How To Make Your Wife, Girlfriend, Waitress or Date Jog, Trot, GALLOP and RUSH Over To You - SMILING and HAPPY Without Her Knowing WHY.

#2 - KEY CONCEPT from "Bartenders Guide #2" - Make Any Pretty Girl OVER-DOSE On Adrenaline About Her Dream Date - Then Transfer That L-o-v-e To You.

#3 - KEY CONCEPT from "Flirt and Grow Rich" - Tightwad Strategy w/a 1.00 Lotto Ticket That Makes Hot Women FEEL Like You Handed Her a M*illion D*ollars in Cash.

#4 - KEY CONCEPT from "4th D NLP #2" - How to *FEEL UP* or *Fondle* Or *Ghost Squeeze* Beautiful Women From Across The Room. Or Nearby at the Bar or at a Restaurant Table. (Without Getting Slapped.)

#5 - BONUS - Texas Holdem Poker - "How to CREATE A "Tell" That Gives You CONTROL of another Gamblers Unconscious Mind So You Can MAKE Them Bet When you have a Great Hand of Cards."

This is the REASON Why Our Poker Clients Get Banned from Local Games in Neighbors houses and Pool Halls. And have to Go Play at a Casino.

#6 - KEY CONCEPT from "Enchanted NLP #1" - How Wendy Used 1 of 4 Conversational NLP Trance Questions to Sell 1.2 M*illion toyota Cars. Beating 18 Unhappy men salespeople.

You Simply Ask This Question When You Talk to Prospects & LISTEN.

#7 - BONUS - How To Make a Room Full of People FEEL DRUNK or HIGH in Five Minutes Flat - From The Stage.

We Helped a Lady Hypnotist Double Her Fee with This 5 Minute Gag.

#8 - KEY CONCEPT from "How to Test Women Before U Meet Them #1" - A 10 HELL TRAIT CheckList That Will Help You AVOID Liars, Crooks, Witches and Warlocks and Bad Boy.Girlfriends.

(Editors Note - Yup. I get Calls from Folks asking, "A Warlock Put a Spell on me. Can you take it off?" Usually we can if they know what was done.)

#9 - KEY CONCEPT from "How to Test Women Before U Meet Them #2" - How to Put Women Into a Deep Trance By READING Their FAVORITE Handwriting Personality Profile Compliment Back to Her.

#10 - KEY CONCEPT in "Pig Farmer/2 Billion Dollar Trial Close" - You Get The Exact Invisible Trial Close Question Walter used to Close Billions of dollars in Sales (and that I use Daily. And Charge Clients 25K to learn.)

You Know How You get Nervous Asking People to BUY? Well, Just Suppose You KNOW People will NOT HEAR you ask for The Munny? Sales managers tell me their Worst Sales Person has Suddenly Become Fearless and is Ranked #2 or #3 instead of last in sales.

#11 - KEY CONCEPT from "How To Raise Your Prices *Successfully* While Competitors Cut Their Fees" - my NEW Book In The Works.

3 Proven Ways to Use One Guaranteed/EZ Way to Raise Your Prices and Stilll Cut Your Competition off at the knees.

#12 - BONUS - from (Inside My Head) The 3 Magical Feng Shui #'s I Have Used Successfully for 26 Years. WATER ATTRACTS Munny - I dunno what it means - but it Works.

#13 - KEY CONCEPT from The Mind of an Award Winning Glamour Photographer & Hollywood Movie Consultant for Hi-Tech Lighting.

EXACTLY What He says When he walks up to The MOST BEAUTIFUL Woman in The Room - that Gets These Women to BUY HIM LUNCH so they Can Ask for Beauty Tips. The Prettier She is The BETTER This Works.

Walk up to Any MIND-Blowingly Gorgeous Woman - SAY THIS PHRASE and She will follow you back to your seat - Guaranteed. (Warren has tested this over 20 years and says it never fails.)



P.S. - You Are Such a JOKER. I'll Bet You Thought I Was Going to Run Around Like a Chicken with it's Head Cut off. And Let you Pick 1 or 2 Items from The List.

What a NightMare.

BUCK UP. BE BRAVE. Order Them all.

P.P.S. - This past week - I Did a favor For a Neighbor who is on Gummn't Assistance and Food Stamps. Drove her to get her Taxes Done. As a Thank you Reward She Volunteered to buy me Lunch. 43.00 plus Tip For Both of us. (She spent more than me.) And She Bought me 10.00 of Gas. AND she bought over a hundred bucks worth of stuff at Wal-Mart. Much of it for her dogs and cats.

If SHE can Spend over 150 bucks with a SMILE. You can Certainly come up with 13.89 X 10 = 138.90 (PLUS - You get the 3 BONUSES - no charge.)

Don't You Agree This offer wouldn't have to Be HALF This Good to Be Worth Doing? 13.89 EACH Instead of 900 BUCKS Per NLP Program.



$91,389.97 Worth Of KEY NLP CONCEPTS for 138.90

Dear Friend,

Thanks for Ordering My 1-of-a-kind Compendium of KEY IDEAS from My Most Powerful - Best Selling CORE NLP Information Products.

Don't be Confused Cuz I left the Sales Offer At The Top of The 10 Reports and 3 Bonuses.

I put it there for a GOOD REASON.

I Use Many of the Key Concepts You Just Ordered In My Own Copywriting. So You Get To GO BACK and Spot some of the NLP Copywriting Strategies We Use Regularly.


Let's Go.




HOW to Practice NLP Sales Anchors:

#1 - KEY CONCEPT From "Bartenders Guide #1" - How To Make Your Wife, Girlfriend, Waitress or Date Jog, Trot, GALLOP and RUSH Over To You - SMILING and HAPPY Without Her Knowing WHY.

You Will Hear a Dozen "LIVE" Examples of me RUNNING A Pretty Barmaid or Coed Waitress Across The Room in "Bartenders Guide on How to Make Women JUMP Book #1"

By "LIVE" I mean "Real Time". I put a Tape Recorder Under a napkin. So You can Hear The Girls go "Pant - Pant - Pant all out of breath and LAUGH as She says, "I saw Your Signal for Help."

PLUS What to Say to Your Wife or Girlfriend (or Your Kids) to Make them think it was THEIR IDEA to Wash The Dishes or Do Their Homework. Or Bring You a Beer.



First you will Want to MASTER The Basic CONCEPT of Using A Simple AUDITORY Anchor AND MUNNY LINKAGE - STARTING in a Restaurant. And then - Perhaps - in a Sales Situation.


Here is The KEY CONCEPT Behind a NLP Sales Anchor. Best Described Using an ACTUAL Flirt Situation.

SALES PEOPLE are too Scared to use NLP Anchoring in Their Sales. BUT WHAT-IF - You Had a way to Practice Dozens of times BEFORE using it to Close a Prospect.

Makes a Lot of Sense, Right?

HOOTERS Case Study w/Kathy My Waitress

A - What to do.

B - What To Say.

C - How to INVISIBLY TEST so Nobody Else Knows What you are doing. Nobody But You Will Link the CRASH to The Women Who DASH across The Room To You.

D - PLUS - To Guarantee Your Success At "VROOM - VROOM - VROOM" Driving Beautiful women around like race cars - I've Added a NEW and PROVEN (by me) Trance Lock Command Question.


STEP I - You Assemble Your NLP Trance Lock Tools.

#1 - Sit Down at Your Table. Lift The Knife, Fork, Spoon 8 inches off the Table With your One Hand.

#2 - In Your OTHER Hand have a Instant LOTTO Ticket Ready.

STEP II - You Mentally Practice What to Say. (Write it down if you wish)

#1 - Kathy The Hooters Waitress Shows Up.

#2 - I Say, "Here Is a THANK YOU TIP for Serving us today. I Read that Johnny Depp Frequently gives FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR Tips to Waitresses. What Would YOU BUY FIRST if you won 5 GRAND?"

#3 - You Wait for her Face to LIGHT Up. When Her Eyes SHIFT - You CRASH Your Silverware.

(EDITORS NOTE I - (I TOLD YOU This is INVISIBLE) Since Nobody knows what the HECK you are doing. IF you Miss The CREST of Her GREED Energy SPIKE. You can Do it again. P.S. - If You Are a Newbie and Don't know what an "NLP Anchor" IS. Or WHY It's a GOOD THING to make a waitress or a Prospect FEEL RICH before you Try to Close the Sale. THAT is Why We Put 6 Hrs of Step By Step Case Study DETAILS into our "Bartenders Guide V#1" Program.)

(EDITORS NOTE II - The REASON WHY I Created All This Detailed STEP By STEP SALES Based NLP Content is (A) I couldn't Find it elsewhere. (B) I Had a Bet Going That I COULD Sell NLP Basics on Ebay. (C) Dunno About You But THE ONLY WAY I Learn NLP and SALES is from CASE STUDIES. So Everything we do is Packed with Testimonials and Case Studies.)


So What Do YOU DO Next?

How do You USE This GREED LINK You Just Put Into Her Brain?

Here's What I Did with Kathy.

I - Each Time She was in EAR - SHOT of my Table - I CRASHED My Silverware. And Kathy Turned on a dime and RAN to my table.

II - CRASH - I Gave Her a 2nd LOTTO ticket and Asked for a clean spoon.

III - CRASH - I got An Extra Napkin - Gave Her a 3rd LOTTO ticket.

IV - CRASH - I Asked for more Iced Tea. Another LOTTO ticket.

You Can EXPECT FUNNY THINGS to Happen...

Kathy Started Doing The Playboy BUNNY Dip each time she RUSHED to our Table.

I Told my Client, "Poker Face. Poker Face. Practice Your Poker face." Because I saw Another Waitress Loading Kathy up with several Plates PLUS all our Drinks.

ALL The Drinks Squeezed Between Her Chest and Her Arm. So you Have to Touch Her BREASTS to Get Your Drink.

When Kathy SCOOTCHED Down and Put Her Chest on The Table. And almost pushed Both Breasts out of her Bra - Right in Front of us - I DECIDED to Bring her out of her SEX-For-Tips-Brain-Fog.

Told Her as a Marketing Consultant I had Studied "Hooters" and Was Very IMPRESSED by the way they SNEAK Husbands to Hooters Right in Front of Their WIVES at Charity Banquets and Fund Raisers.

Kathy Got Excited.

She had been on Several Bus Trips to Such Affluent Meetings. And Wore a Skimpy T-shirt and Handed Out Biz Cards with a F-r-e-e Drink offer on the Back. Plus Her name, The Hooters Addresss where she worked. Ph #.

Kathy was SO THANKFUL to have a Conversation. INSTEAD of just have guys staring at her Chest - She GAVE ME a F-r-e-e Hooters Calendar.


Let's Summarize Basic SALES Anchoring.


FIRST THING I Learned is You Can Only Test ONE THING at a time.

So if I were you.

1st - I'd Test Drop Silverware in PRIVATE.

2nd - Same with The LOTTO ticket. I can Only do ONE thing at a time. So Notice How I Said PREPARE Both hands in Advance?

ONE - You Thank her. Hand Her Lotto ticket.

TWO - You Tell The Johnny Depp Story. You ASK, "What Would You Buy First with 5Grand?

(EDITORS NOTE - Say it exactly this way. For example: If you say, "What would you BUY with 5K?" OFTEN the Barmaid or waitress cannot THINK of anything.)

THREE - You Watch her Face. Especially her eyes. And Only CRASH The Silverware (Already in your hand) When she has thought of something she wants to BUY.



P.S. - Wanna Hear something Funny? As in Funny/Odd? My 426 Million Mentor - Walter Hailey - who TAUGHT me SALES NLP (Instead of The Bandler/Grinder/Tony Robbins - Mud Against The Wall - Generic/Therapy NLP Stuff...)

Sold 500 MILLION DOLLARS of Insurance (ALL BY HIMSELF) While taking People to LUNCH.

And In MY OWN Tests Taking Clients to Lunch - I've Been Amazed at how EAGER they are to Work with Me AFTER LUNCH.

If you do The ABOVE LOTTO ticket Anchoring of the Waiter or Waitress IN FRONT of a Prospect - You ANCHOR THEM TOO.

Try it yourself.

I've Got MLM Guys and Gals SKY-Rocketing their Sales at LUNCH.

Several Consultants Report Success.

A Mercedes Salesman Says this works for him too.




#2 - KEY CONCEPT from "Bartenders Guide #2" -

Make Any Pretty Girl OVER-DOSE On Adrenaline About Her Dream Date - Then Transfer That L-o-v-e/Lust/Attraction To You.



In Order to Keep Key Concept #2 SHORT I need to SHOW & TELL You The FOUNDATION STONES Underneath The NLP Concept - UP-FRONT.

STONE I - After Helping my Apple computer Genius Friend, Randy, write a list of Questions to Ask Steve Jobs Former College Girlfriend...(Who Randy tracked down using his CIA Skills.)

a - We Discovered Steve Used MAGIC GAGS to HIDE the Fact He was Testing Sales NLP on College Coeds to Get A Free Meal and a Sofa to Sleep on for the night.

b - Steve said, "Will You Help ME Practice a Magic Trick? Then Zapped the Coeds with whatever NLP Strategy he was testing that day.

c - His Girlfriend Laughed about it to us. It was Her Job to Hold all The Extra MAGIC GAGS Steve bought at a local magic store - so she got to Watch.

STONE II - Walter Isaacsons book about Steve Jobs Says Steve met a guy (Who mentored Steve in Salesmanship) while Steve was selling A Type Writer door to door at the college Dorms.

Steve's SALES MENTOR had been caught by the FBI with several 1000 Doses of LSD in his possession. Yet Talked The FBI into letting him go to College Instead of Locking him up in Prison.

(EDITORS NOTE - Isaacson Revealed that Steve's Mentor Eventually Ended up Talking his way to Becoming The CEO and Part owner of Several GOLD MINES. Personally worth 100's of Millions.)

STONE III - Steve's College Girlfriend Was Very Specific. In The Isaacson book Steve told how he used to Go to The Local Church and Soup Kitchen. But His Girlfriend Told Us Exactly how he Persuaded Dozens of Coeds to feed him REPATEDLY. And Give him a Place to Sleep for the nite.

STONE IV - I Should Explain that IN THE Book Steve told Isaacson how he Decided The College Courses Were CRAP. And he Would Not Pay to Attend College. And Wouldn't pay for room and board either. Although Steve DID Audit Calligraphy.

STONE V - After Months of Coed NLP Flirt Testing THE GIRLFRIEND told Us that Steve's Tech Genius friend Steve Wozniak started inventing New Pieces of Technology. So Steve Used What he Learned about NLP Sales to Sell WOZ Inventions Directly to CEO's.

a - THE GAL PAL Said, "Steve was Still Barefoot - So he walked up and down the hall until he found a man with the Proper Size Shoes. And Zapped him out of his shoes. Then Talked his way past all the gate keepers to the CEO."

STONE VI - Walter Isaacson Confirmed this with Interviews with these former CEO's. "Steve Just Showed up in my office one day. No appointment. Dunno how he got in. But I bought a Piece of Tech from him.

STONE VII - When Randy and I met he had already created a Website that gave away Thousands of F-r-e-e Apple Apps. Got more hits than apple.com - RAndy told me he wanted to sell his website Directly to Steve Jobs - face to face.

a - So We Teamed up to create a website called, "ThankYouSteve.com" - Where we Basically sold Steve his own Ego. Gave him credit for ALL of Apple's Successes.

b - If We Had a *Thank You Steve Jobs Banner* Floating across a green field pulled by a Butterfly. And I asked Randy, "Can we make the Butterfly TALK?" Randy would always say, "YES, what else?"

STONE VIII - One Phone Call to Steve's Personal Assistant. She looked at the Website. Sent the link to Steve. In 48 hours Randy got a phone Call and was on the phone with Steve Jobs.

a - Funny Story - Why Randy Told Steve's Gal Friday he Could Not Talk to Steve.

b - Funny Story - Why Steve Sent His Personal 747 to Pick Randy up in Texas.

c - Funny Story - Why Randy Wore The SAME Blue Jeans, The same Shoes as Steve AND a 2 and a Half Foot WIDE Giant Red CRAB Hat on his Head - to sell his website for 8 Million Dollars. While he waited with 100 "Suits" to meet with Steve. (Guess who went 1st.)


Below is The First Part of the NLP FLIRT Strategy We TESTED OUT from what we Learned By Combining What Steve told Randy and What Steve's College Girlfriend Told us She Saw and Heard him do to Get F-r-e-e Room and Board from Coeds.

What You Will Learn:

A - Why Steve Used MAGIC GAGS to Grab Attention from Coeds. And How We Adapted and Successfully Tested The idea.

B - How Steve Used MAGIC Gags to MIS-DIRECT Coed Attention. And How We Use a MEDITATION GURU as a Reason-Why-MIS-DIRECT Instead. (I don't know enough MAGIC. But anybody can use my Meditation Method.)

C - YOU GET Specific Word For Word NLP Trance Lock Questions to Ask. Why Changing even ONE WORD guarantees FAILURE.

D - How Steve Jobs' Diabolical "BOOMERANG-NLP-ANCHOR" Gets Women to Come Back to See you again and again.

#1 - How Steve Used it to Get Coeds to Come Back to him week after week to get a New BOOMERANG ANCHOR - so he Could Get another Free meal and a couch to sleep on.

#2 - Why We Use a PAPER ROSE Boomerang Anchor *Biz Card* Instead.

#3 - What We Do INSTEAD of Standing In A Barmaid's DREAM DATE Memory Picture Because You Can't CONTROL whether she becomes a Zombie-Stalker.

#4 - Why Our TRIPLE CLICK Zipper Anchor -- Now Replaces Steve's "Elevator NLP Flirt Strategy."


NOW THAT YOU KNOW The "Hidden-Foundation-NLP" Behind This KEY CONCEPT We Can Write the DETAILED REPORT.

HIDDEN BENEFIT - Because The NLP Process to Flirt and Get a Date are Exactly the same as The NLP SALES PROCESS. Your Flirt FUN Boosts Your Sales Results While You Play.

"...Anchors Away..."

Here are the Step by Step Details -




A - Why Steve Used MAGIC GAGS (Magic Tricks) to Grab Attention from Coeds. And How We Adapted and Successfully Tested The idea.

Steve Jobs NLP MAGIC Flirt Strategy word for word. And What We Do and Say INSTEAD of using Magic.

PREVIEW POINT I - IF you go up to ONE Woman alone she is on her Guard.

PREVIEW POINT II - Beautiful women Take Male Attention for Granted. SO if you go up to the Plain or Ugly member of a female group. Single Her Out. Talk to HER. The Beautiful Women SNAP TO ATTENTION too.

PREVIEW POINT III - You Immediately Sail in under The Female Radar of the Group of 2 or more. The Average Girl is flattered. The Pretty Girl is Curious but Happy Her Girlfriend is getting Attention.

STEP #1 - (According to his college Girlfriend) Here is what Steve Did In College to Practice Sales NLP on Coeds. HE Was Motivated cuz if he didn't close the sale he didn't eat. And had no place to Sleep!

Steve goes up to group of 3 girls dressed in a beard, table-cloth and no shoes. Asks the "Average" Girl her name. Then said, "Will You Help Me Practice a New Magic Trick?"

a - If he sensed he needed to Create Deeper Rapport. Steve REALLY Would do a Magic Trick. Then Ask if she would like to see another trick.


  • b - Then Steve would ask her a Invisible NLP Trance Question.
  • Anchor her FIRST KISS Energy.
  • Zip her KISS Energy 100 Times Higher.
  • Then Link her 100X KISS Energy to a Boomerang Anchor.
  • (Which we will explain in a minute.)

    (EDITORS NOTE - I know a little bit of magic. Mostly stuff You Can do to Entertain clients and the waitresss at a Restaurant Table. But I Have Met Karate GrandMasters. I have met famous Yoga Experts. I have Meditation Experts as clients. Depending on YOUR Experience. Any of these will Work as Your REASON WHY for needing Her Help.)

    So I've Adapted What Steve Said as Follows...

    B - How Steve Used MAGIC Gags to MIS-DIRECT Coed Attention. And How We Use a MEDITATION GURU as a Reason-Why-MIS-DIRECT Instead. (I don't know enough MAGIC. But anybody can use my Meditation Method.)

    I Like to go to lunch at Restaurants on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - BECAUSE the place is nearly empty. And the Waitress or Barmaid is Relaxed. And has more time.

    After She Brings my drink and a menu. I say, "Will You HELP me practice an Extra Energy Trick a Meditation Expert Taught me?"


  • I - I Give Her a Thank You Reward LOTTO ticket.
  • II - Ask, "A Waitress won 500 Bucks Last Month. What Would YOU BUY FIRST if you Won 500 Dollars?"

  • III - Then I Anchor with a Triple Pen Click. (Check I have Her Energy LINKED)
  • IV - Then say, "You will notice when I click my pen up my arm - your 500.00 Energy Skyrockets."
  • V - (EDITORS NOTE - When you do this with a Prospect at the table. Next time you Phone him or her and TRIPLE CLICK a pen in her ear - She will ALSO be in a 500.00 Energy Trance State. You Change the Munny Amount depending on the size of your Widget Sale price.)
  • Ok.

    This Little LOTTO Ticket NLP Strategy ALONE is worth 100X more than you Forked over for this Collection of KEY CONCEPT REPORTS.

    IF You Don't know HOW to Create an NLP Anchor in all kinds of situations and places. OR if you simply want a dozen more Proven NLP Anchor ideas - Cuz The Ones YOU TRY do not work.

    Remember IF you Send me a LOTTO TICKET Testimonial at rentamentor@gmail.com - you only pay 10% of the Listed Price for "Bartenders Guide Book #2 - (INSERT LINK HERE)

    FORWARD to the FLIRT NLP...


    I Say, "I had trouble Meditating. Too many thoughts rush in when I try to Empty my mind. So My Meditation Guru told me to think about my DREAM DATE.

    Next I say, "JUST BETWEEN US - I'd like one date with Taylor Swift just so I could Ask her How She Came up with The Idea of Turning INSULTS and CRITICISM into Hit Song Lyrics."

    "SO - Who is Your Dream Date?"

    Then you LISTEN to her talk about HER Dream Date.

    Watch her face.

    Ask These Exact Questions:

    QUESTION #1 - "My Meditation Master says we all store out Memories and Dreams in the air around us. Like where you are looking NOW.

    Q #2 - "Where do you See Your Dream Date in the air?

    Q #3 - Ask her to Point. Ask, How close, How Big? Color or black and white?

    Q #4 - Then you Literally STEP into the Spot where she is pointing. You STAND in her DREAM DATE Picture.

    And Suddenly you have a Date.

    (EDITORS NOTE - I don't like to do this. Because I Feel Out of Control. I don't KNOW all her Dream Date Fantasies. I may not WANT to be Part of HER ***50 Shades of...*** - DREAMS.)

    NLP STRATEGY C - Here's What We Do To Keep CONTROL - Instead of Stand in Her DREAM DATE Pictures.

    I - We Ask, "Who is your #1 Stud-Muffin - DREAM DATE?"

    II - Then We NLP Anchor her Answer. (I Like to Create An Anchor that is Visual, auditory and Kinesthetic - The Triple Click Pen)

    IMPORTANT NOTE - If your NLP Anchor is not UNIQUE and she sees others using it during the day. A - It may not work at all. B - It will melt away.

    III - I ask, CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - Where Does Your DREAM DATE Take Place?"

    IV - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - "What are you Wearing in this Dream date?

    V - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - "I'd love to hear more. Could we meet for coffee or tea sometime soon?"

    (EDITORS NOTE - Not only do you have a No-Pressure-Date. But you can Raise or Lower Her Dream Date Energy. IN MY OPINION - Much better than Stepping into Her DREAM DATE Pictures.)


    C - YOU GET Specific Word For Word NLP Trance Lock Questions to Ask. Why Changing even ONE WORD guarantees FAILURE.

    The way of the world seems to be - For Every 1000 WRONG Ways to do something there is ONE CORRECT Way.

    Perfect Example:

    One of our Best Selling Info Products Is a DEADLY ACCURATE way to Literally READ WOMEN'S MINDS. You can Literally Tell her or Write down 2 or 3 pages of Accurate Compliments about her Real Personality.

    AND Create Deep Deep Trance Energy Btwn The 2 of you - at the same time.


    I get calls and Complaints from men who DO NOT LISTEN to the Directions!

    They walk up to a Pretty Girl and say, "Would you Like me to Do Your Personality Profile?"

    She says, "NO" and walks away.

    And I laugh and say, "You didn't follow my Exact Directions."

    (EDITORS NOTE - if you were Paying Attention ABOVE. You Spotted that Steve knew women want to HELP. So instead of asking in an Arrogant way. He asks for her HELP. And Gets a "YES" 99% of the time.)



    D - How Steve Jobs' Diabolical "BOOMERANG-NLP-ANCHOR" Gets Women to Come Back to See you again and again.

    #1 - How Steve Used it to Get Coeds to Come Back to him week after week to get a New BOOMERANG ANCHOR - so he Could Get another Free meal and a couch to sleep on.

    a - Steve used a Sugar Packet.

    b - Explained that when they RUB the Sugar Packet - They FEEL the same emotions as their FIRST KISS. Or 1st luv.

    #2 - Why We Use a PAPER ROSE Boomerang Anchor *Biz Card* Instead.

    a - I Don't want a Girl to Buy me lunch.

    b - Most of the time I am on a Business footing with women I meet.

    c - And After I accidentally discovered that all the women I gave a Paper Rose to - KEPT it for Years. I started putting my biz Contact info on the Flower Rose Petal.

    d - Tell my Magician friend - "Glenn sent me." www.NapkinRose.com

    #3 - Why Our TRIPLE CLICK Zipper Anchor -- Now Replaces Steve's "Elevator NLP Flirt Strategy."

    a - Steve used the image of going up and down in an Elevator to RAISE a Coed's LUV Energy.

    b - We Tested and Decided to Use The TRIPLE CLICK Anchor instead. Because it uses all 3 Modes of Communication. See, hear, feel.

    c - Thus Any of my buyers can DO IT Successfully.

    d - Plus I am Planning to Create a New Product around a Discovery that allows me to BOTH Control A Woman's Positive Energy - Up and Down.

    While Giving HER a Positive Energy Thank You REWARD She can use to Raise and Lower Her own Chi Energy.

    BEST of all - This works Great over the phone.

    Steve was a RASCAL. After he got a dozen Coeds BOOMERANGED - they kept coming back for a New Sugar Packet after they rubbed theirs to bits. AND HE Got a Free Lunch and a place to sleep.

    Thus Giving Steve Lots of F-r-e-e Time to Sell Stuff To CEO's and Raise the munny to Start Apple Computer.



    P.S. - Because Most people - even NLP trained folks - CANNOT Anchor and Zip Energy.

    You Might want to Check Out our 6 Hour mp3 packed solid with Funny NLP Anchor Case Studies and Testimonials.





    #3 - KEY CONCEPT from "Flirt and Grow Rich" - Tightwad Strategy w/a 1.00 Lotto Ticket That Makes Hot Women FEEL Like You Handed Her a M*illion D*ollars in Cash.

    Hello Again,

    Our Whole INVENTION of The LOTTO FLIRT TIPPING is borrows Ideas and Emotional Psychology from many different sources.

    FIRST - A Specific Thank You Note Has Emotional CLOUT - is an Years ago I read a Readers Digest Article. On a snowy day with few students a Teacher handed out sheet of paper with all of the "Snow Day Students Names on it."

    She said, "Write down something Nice You Have Noticed about each person. Hand your pages in. By Monday I will compile all your Comments on ONE PAGE for Each of you.

    20 YEARS later all these Students Assembled at a Funeral for a fellow Student. Someone brought up THAT DAY in Class. Dug her list out of her purse.

    Turned out that ALL of the Students had their Lists ON THEM. In Their Wallets.

    SECOND - WHEN Given a CHOICE Women Want a LOTTO TICKET over a 1.00 Bill Tip - I Met Bryan Redfield - author of "Bartenders Guide on How to Pick Up Women."

    Bryan taught me the "Proper" method to Get Fantastic Service from a Barmaid or Bartender. NAMELY - Hand them a 1.00 Bill Every Time They Bring You A Beer or a Napkin - anything.

    But I Don't Drink Alcohol. Makes me sick. So I started 1.00 Bill Tipping Waitresses in Restaurants - BEFORE and DURING the meal. And along the way DISCOVERED that if given a Choice - EVERY WAITRESS Picks a LOTTO Ticket over a 1.00 tip!

    THIRD - THE POWER of Credibility - After watching a Woman Speaker (Who was so rich she owned her own Island) Laughingly GRAB Attendees in the hall. And literally hold on to them until they handed her 10 bucks for her book. (We are Talking literally FIFTY PEOPLE she nabbed at the extrance to the ball room. 100% Paid.)

    I Suddenly realized a STREAM of Thank you Reward LOTTO Tickets to ANY Waitress, Barmaid, Store Clerk or Cocktail waitress at a Casino - INSTANTLY Makes you the MOST IMPORTANT Person in the room.

    FOURTH - "I DOUBLED SAles in ONE YEAR by a total of 417 M*illion Dollars in 3 New England States With THANK YOU NOTES."

    This Genius Insurance Sales Manager gave me the idea of Saying, "Thank You" each time I handed a waitress a LOTTO Ticket. Or Write an Email. Or send out an Ezine.

    How to Turn a 1.00 LOTTO TICKET into a Million Dollars in The Mind of Your Waitress.

    STEP #1 - You SMILE when the waitress 1st Comes to Your Table and Say, "I'd Like to give you a THANK YOU REWARD for your help today."

    STEP #2 - You Hold up A 1.00 LOTTO Ticket in front of her eyes.

    STEP #3 - You say, "Did You See Where a Florida Waitress Just won 21 MILLION DOLLARS on a Lotto Ticket? What would YOU BUY FIRST if YOU Won 21 Million?"

    STEP #4 - Then you Wait and Watch her Face.

    STEP #5 - Her Eyes will Shift when She thinks of what she would buy. And when she starts to answer...

    STEP #6 - I THWACK - THWACK - THWACK the next LOTTO ticket - LOUDLY in front of her.

    STEP #7 - Then each time she comes to your Table you TRIPLE TAP the next lotto ticket before you hand her a 1.00 LOTTO ticket. That She REACTS TO like it was a MILLION Smackers.

    (EDITORS NOTE - For you tightwads - Who DO NOT WANT to Attract 10X more moolah - with the idea in the F-r-e-e Book we give away at www.MoolahAttraction.com - You Might Tap Your Water Glass 3 Times with your spoon - to anchor the Million dollars. BUT IN MY OPINION you get a BIGGER Result when you Anchor with More MUNNY in the form of the next Lotto Ticket.)






    KEY CONCEPT #4 - How to GHOST SQUEEZE Women Without Getting Slapped.

    Crazy as it sounds. We Use a Gary Halbert COPYWRITING STRATEGY.

    Gary's Metaphor is perfect.

    Your HEADLINE is a rope. Gary says Your Headline is like a thin Rope that one yacht throws to another yacht when their engine breaks down.

    Your REASON WHY are like the Steel Cable. The thin rope is Then Tied to A Steel Cable. When the Cable is pulled across. Then Yacht A can tow Yacht B back to port.

    Your BULLET POINTS Close The deal and you are Safe At Home back in Port.

    And VOILA.

    When tested by MOI.

    1st - This Works Great to ATTRACT a Pretty Girl over to me.

    2nd - Then Create ***TRUST-TRANCE-LOCK.***

    3rd - Then Get Her HELP to Test Which She LIKES BEST.

    A Hug.

    A PINCH on the Butt.

    A Kiss.

    OK - Let's Start the nitty gritty.

    Exactly what we say and do to Attract a Beautiful Girl to our table. And then GET Her Help To Locate and CONTROL Her PINCH - KISS - SQUEEZE Signals.



    How to Get Women to Come over to You from 2 or 3 Car Lengths Away WITHOUT WORDS.

    STEP I - If You have Been Practicing LOTTO TICKET Tipping. Which Trains Your Unconscious Mind to TALK to Hers.

    You Wave at Her. IF she doesn't SEE you. You do the Arms over head Full Arm Wave.

    STEP II - (I borrowed this idea from "Influence" book author Robert Cialdini and Tested it to STOP CARS. Yup-Works. And if it STOPS Cars it will Stop WOMEN in their Tracks too. As you will SEE below.)

    You Smile and Use Your Entire ARM to POINT At Her. This singles HER Out from everyone around her.

    STEP III - IF She is nearby - I hold up a Yellow and a Red Napkin Rose Sheet. (napkinrose.com) Fold the Flower part - And Tilt Your Head to ASK HER - as you Hold You The Red and Yellow Roses - WHICH FLOWER DO YOU WANT?

    STEP IV - IF She is Farther Away - Then you need two items that FLASH. You Might SWITCH on 2 Pairs of LED Glasses (Less than 1.00 each) And Use your Arm and Come over here Finger Signal - to get her to come over to you to CHOOSE a Green or a Red Pair of LED Glasses.

    (EDITORS NOTE - Don't Forget to FUTURE PACE - Mirror Her. Put One Pair of Gasses on yourself. When SHE Puts hers on too. You KNOW you are Leading her Unconsciously. I put the gasses on my head - so I can SEE.)



    STEP V - You Say, "I just Got off a VideoConference Call held by a mentor who is so rich he owns his own island. He Made us all promise to go out and Test His MIND to MIND COMMUNICATION Ideas."

    STEP VI - "Will You HELP Me? IT'll Only Take 2 Minutes.

    STEP VI - "I THINK I Got Your Body Language Signals for THE PAPER ROSE. Will You PLEASE answer one Question so We have Something Equally DRAMATIC to Compare it to - BEFORE We Test it?

    STEP VII - PICK A Memory or a DREAM Please...

    #1 - Who would You Take on Your Perfect DREAM DATE?

    #2 - What's The WILDEST KISS You Ever Got?

    #3 - (As an Attractive Girl in a Bar) - As an Attractive Waitress - You Must Get a lot of Attention from men. Have you ever been PINCHED or GRABBED?

    STEP VIII - Ok You Saw me Writing Down Your Body Language Signals. Please Stand across the table from me. And I'll MIRROR BACK A Couple of your Body Signals.

    STEP IX - "Your Job is to Tell Me What You Feel. And if you Can TELL what Each Signal Means."

    (EDITORS NOTE - Ok. Some guys GET THIS Right Away. Others need a Bit of Practice. But Based on The 4th Dimensional Body Signal Case Study RESEARCH in our Two 6-Hr Advanced NLP Mp3 Programs - (1) "How God-Like NLP Makes Women Act STUPID" (2) How 4th D NLP Makes Women Act WEIRD" -- If You Watch The Triangle of her face, chest and Hands -- you will get The Best Body Signals to MIRROR BACK.)




    Do you Understand what we did?

    #1 - We Used Proven Body Signals to CALL HER OVER. Or she will meet you Half way. (OR if she is with a man or men. She will WAVE Back and you can go over and Hand The Rose To the boyfriend or Hubby to Give her. So you don't get punched.)

    #2 - You Thank REWARD her for coming over with a Hand Made ROSE.

    #3 - ***Now You have Her ROSE EMOTION Signals.

    #4 - You ASK for Her Help. Tell Her THE REASON WHY - You Promised to Test Your ISLAND MENTOR'S Body Language Ideas.

    #5 - She Gives Her Permission for you to KINDA/SORTA - Insult her with Kiss and Pinch Questions.

    #6 - You ASK Her A Kiss and a Pinch Question - WRITE Down Her Body Signals. (Best of all if girlfriends are there. Cuz they will HELP you Spot more body signals.)

    #7 - And Ta-Da! -- Now You Can PINCH or KISS Her as much as you want to (Carry Her KISS and PINCH signals on a card in your Wallet) -

    Whenever you Show up at That BAR or Restaurant. She will BLUSH and Say, "STOP THAT." (Or get you to "Use that 'Mirror Thing' on my Girl friends.")


    Dunno about you and what you Know about how to Apply NLP in REAL LIFE. But I had to Create all this Detailed Step by Step NLP because I couldn't FIND it anywhere else.


    a - You need to KNOW HOW to Create Rapport. And NLP Mirror.

    b - You Have to know How to Make a Paper Rose (Free Video on the NapkinRose.com - website

    c - You Have to Create Your Version of the Rich Island Man STORY. (Use mine or adapt it and create your own.)

    d - You Have to Know how to Create and Anchor Emotions.

    e - SUDDENLY - You Find Yourself Using SUPER ADVANCED NLP when you Turn her POWERFUL Emotional body Signals into NLP Anchors.

    I call this EMOTION STACKING.




    KEY CONCEPT #5 - How Our Clients WIN At Texas Holdem Poker. Create "Tells" That Make Other Players BET When You Have a Great Hand-of-Cards and their Cards Suck.

    I Met Andrew After He Got Back From his 2nd Tour of Duty in Iraq. When he got back the Bank had Just Foreclosed on his house. And The Sheriff had showed up on his porch to Evict Him.

    I - Andrews Dad was a judge. And in Texas If You Pay Something TOWARD your Mortgage. (And the bank accepts the munny.) You Get an Extension of 30 days. So Randy put off the Sheriff for a month.

    II - Andrew Got Himself Invited to a Local Texas Holdem Poker Game at a Billiards hall. And even though he was an average player he told me, "I have to Win at least 5 Grand."

    A - So I bought a book about Texas Holdem Poker. So I understood Poker lingo.

    B - My GOAL was to figure out WHEN was the best Time to MANIPULATE the players. I let Randy take care of the poker Details.

    C - After watching a lot of Poker on TV I noticed that DURING the game the players wore head-phones, hoodies, sun-glasses. Anything to Avoid Distractions. AND WERE ON GUARD.

    D - But Before a game players were more Relaxed. So I told Andrew our Plan was to INVISIBLY INFLUENCE other players to PLAY LOOSE when they should be PLAYING TIGHT. (And to Find Out Who was Playing BEFORE The Game. Strike up a conversation.)

    E - 1st We had Andrew Ask a couple GREED NLP Trance Questions.

    F - Even Better - We Taught Andrew how to Create MORE POWERFUL NLP Anchors. Create, Recognize and Mirror back Big GREED NLP 4th Dimensional Body Signal ANCHORS.

    Step By Step Details of what to do and what to say BELOW...



    STEP I - Testing. Andrew played some Poker at the home of a fellow Soldier.

    STEP II - Based on What had ALREADY Made Munny for other Poker Players we worked with We Gave Andrew some Proven Ideas to TEST to Find Out What Worked Best for Him. His skills. His Personality.

    STEP III - The Most Profitable - Effective Question: "What is the MOST MUNNY You've Ever Won Playing Poker?"

    STEP IV - 2nd Best. "What is the BIGGEST POT You've Ever Seen Someone Else Win?"

    STEP V - To Create a Big, Clear, Easy to SPOT 4th Dimensional NLP Body Signal Andrew Asked this Follow Up Question, "JUST SUPPOSE You WON That Huge Pot of MUNNY. What Would YOU BUY FIRST?"

    STEP VI - Andrew won 827.00 in the local Game. (WEIRD - When Randy Mirrored The (ARM SCRATCH SIGNAL) of the Best Player at THE SOLDIERS Home.

    The man Bet with a bad hand of cards.

    Andrew Mirrored when he had Good Cards.

    THE FEELING of GREED and SPENDING Munny Made the other player Reckless. And Andrew won 827.00

    Even tho he felt bad and offered to give the munny back - The local Guys Refused. But they did say, "Don't come back. You are too good for us."

    STEP VII - Then Andrew won 5309.00 at The Pool Hall Game.

    STEP VIII - Then Andrew Went to a Poker Tournament Hosted by a Local MEN'S Club. Each Table had a Beautiful Stripper as one of the players.

    STEP IX - Andrew Needed to Win BIG MUNNY. So He needed a Distraction to Explain How he Took all the other players munny.

    a - So Out of his 1st WINNINGS He Paid the Busy Blonde, Dressed in a This White Tube Top and Tights, at their Table, 100.00 to Bring each of the other players a drink.

    b - And She Hugged their Neck when she sat their drink down.

    c - Andrew Got a Lot of THANK YOU's from the other players.

    d - So Next Andrew Paid the Ecdysiast Dancer 1000.00 to Drop Her Tube Top.

    e - Result he walked away with 17,385.00 and Andrew Laughed that the Tipsy Players kept Thanking him over and over. Didn't care that Andrew won all their money.

    ACTION SUMMARY - When Last we Spoke Andrew Had Won Enough moolah at Casino Poker Tournaments to Get The Bank off his back.




    KEY CONCEPT #6 - Up Next.




    "How To Make An Audience Feel Drunk or High In 15 Minutes"

    FIRST - An Instant Credibility & Rapport Anchor Tactic from The Owner of an NLP Association.

    A - Tell Audience to "Close Your Eyes."

    B - Say, "Think Back to the Best Speaker You Ever Saw or heard. IMAGINE you are back in a room with that Fantastic Speaker.

    C - "Raise both of your arms in the Touch-Down Signal.

    D - "Now Open Your Eyes and Look Back at me while You Lower Your Arms.

    E - (YOUR ACTIONS) You lower both your arms And Point both Fingers at yourself.

    ACTION SUMMARY - You Have Now LINKED Yourself to the Best Speaker Each Audience member has ever seen. And Can Use Both Fingers to ANCHOR YOURSELF at key moments during your speech. LIKE when you Use a Trial close at the end and SELL something!



    Short BackGround to Explain Where This Idea Comes From. How we Combined ideas from Several Mentors. And how we Already Tested it for a Client.

    I - I spent 6 Months with Tony Robbins #1 Sales Person. Mainly on a series of Conference Calls. But we Also Swapped ideas back and forth in Between.

    II - Which is HOW I Found Out What Tony is REALLY doing when he THUMPS his Chest during a Seminar.

    a - Tony says he is anchoring you to your Hopes, Dreams and Goals.

    b - But after much TESTING at his events... Tony Discovered he could ALSO LINK his audience to SO MUCH Excitement and Energy that 50% bought his next 25K or 50K event!

    c - This was SO PROFITABLE that Tony was able to use part of this Massive Windfall to Pay for food and hotel rooms for his Advance Team. The folks who went ahead of him to each city to sell seats.

    III - Eric OUT-SOLD Everyone Else by a Lot!

    Here's What he did...

    PROVEN IDEA #1 -

    a - Eric Rented The List of the Businesses and Corporations with the Biggest # of Sales People.

    b - Then he Contacted the EZ ones first. The Sales managers and owners and Division Heads Who ALREADY brought in Speakers to WHIP up their Sales people before sending them out to sell widgets.

    And he Jumped The List by (Name Dropping Tony Robbins Name PLUS Guaranteeing to Increase Their Sales.

    c - And After He Shared Some Sales Ideas with each Group He Made a NO-RISK OFFER. "IF you send your sales team to Tony Robbins UpComing Event I Guaranteee your Sales will Jump by 20% of your munny back."

    d - Get it? Eric Sold the Seminar to the DEEP POCKETS of the corporation or Company - not to the Salespeople themselves!


    PROVEN IDEA #2 - I got Referred to the Wife of a Nebraska Farmer. He was in Danger of losing his farm to the bank. So his wife was doing 5000.00 Stage Hypnosis Shows for Mens clubs on the East and West Coasts.

    I Remembered a 3 Million Dollar idea used by the owner of 22 Strip clubs in Ohio. (One of my former webmasters was working with this guy.)

    He and his 2 partners STOOD on the Bar at Each Club. Said, "I am Celebrating. (My cat Muffy had kittens, My Wife Went to Visit her Mother, I Just Got my Daughter into an All Girls School to keep her away from YOU Guys.)

    So F_R_E_E DRINKS on me! (And he pays for 3 rounds to get everyone drunk. Then sends the girls with the Jello Shots out. Empties pockets.

    I Got a GREAT IDEA. Men's Club Owners will PAY MORE than 5K if you 2X Sales!

    So We Taught Anne How to Charge 10GRAND for a short version of her Stage Hypnosis Show. But Use INSTANT NLP Instead.

    Here's The Results of Anne and My NLP Tests with 100's of men in Clubs!

    STEP I - Anne is on-stage. She asks, "Raise your Hand if you have Ever gotten Shit-faced Drunk? (3 Taps on Microphone.)

    STEP II - "RAise your Hand if you have ever Gotten HIGH on Wacky Weed. (Taps 3 Times.)

    STEP III - What does is FEEL LIKE to Get That DRUNK?

    a - She takes answers from the audience.

    b - Taps 3 times each time she repeats an answer

    STEP IV - "What does it Feel Like to Get HIGH AS a KITE on Weed?

    a - She takes answers from the audience.

    b - Taps 3 times each time she repeats an answer

    STEP VI - "I GOTTA QUESTION For All of you.

    How does it FEEL when I Tap The Mic Stand 3 Times LIKE THIS?

    a - She Takes a couple answers.

    b - Asks two men to come on Stage.

    One is from the DRUNK camp. The 2nd Likes WEED.

    STEP VII - "Ok Sir.

    a - Ok Sir. Pretend I am a Stripper Cop. Pulled you over. YOU WIN a F-r-e-e- Bottle of Your FAVORITE Beverage. (What is Your Favorite Drink, Sir??)

    (EDITORS NOTE - Anne added The Bet. And The Stripper Cop Idea. Reported Lots of ROWDY COMMENTS from the men in the Club. She used That as MIS-Direction.)

    "Ok, Get ready to ***WALK THIS LINE.***

    b - "Oh Before you Do. Notice How When I Tap My Way Up Your Arm - You FEEL 10X as Drunk. 20X. 40X - 80X - 100X as Drunk.

    c - The Guys is weaving all over the stage and She Yanks a Chair over and Plops him down in it.

    d - Anne Does The Same for The WEED Guy.

    Then She LEAVES The Entire Audience DRUNK OR HIGH. Until the Club Closes when She Comes Back from her Hotel and UN-ZAPS them.


    TWO Reasons to Bring 2 Different Guys onstage.

    #1 - To Demonstrate and Re-S*ELL the Club owner or Manager so she gets Paid.

    #2 - So Anne can Use BRAIN NEURON NLP Persuasion (Which bypasses the Decision making conscious mind) on the Audience. IF each guy IMAGINES HIMSELF on-stage getting 100X Drunk or High. On TOP of What he is already feeling.

    Anne bypassed their Brains. To Control Their Unconscious minds. And as the BORG on Star Trek Say, "Resistance is futile."

    You Understand? While Drunk or high the Club sends their Lap-dancers, Cocktail waitresses and jello shot girls out - to TAKE ALL THEIR MUNNY.



    P.S. - The Reason Why I feel OK with this is all of these Men Showed up at the Club and Already EXPECTED to get Hot Girls to Take their Munny. So we Are Simply Speeding up the Process.